The TEN vitamin sprays are origination of a generation time of professionals. These revolutionary nutritional supplements are spraying into the mouth which makes your daily vitamin easy, tasty and 98% of absorption as well. Spraying vitamins every day is a blessing for people who cannot gulp pills or for those who get an upset stomach from taking vitamin pills.


Spray supplementation provides an absorption rate approximately nine times greater than that of pills.

Once the formula is sprayed into the mouth, the nutrients reach the bloodstream within minutes.

No fillers or binders are added; the body receives only pure ingredients.

An alternative method of supplementation for those that cannot take pills, or simply do not enjoy swallowing pills.

Convenient administration; no water needed


Spray Vitamins are proven to work more effectively than traditional way of consuming drugs and other chemical intakes that may harm the natural vital processes of a human body.


Herbal Products are the trend of the day. TEN combines the uniqueness of nature and science and brings to your way the ultimate tool to safeguard your family from prevailing pollutants and incurable Diseases.


Vital Vitamins in the form of Spray not only provide you with a convenient delivery system but also ensure you don’t miss your vital dose even during travel


TEN brings to your home the uniqueness of nature combined with science that ensures your family never misses upon the vital vitamins for a healthy lifestyle


100% satisfaction guaranteed recommended by top medical practitioners and approved by government of UAE. Our natural and revolutionary oral sprays are changing the way the world takes vitamins, minerals and natural supplements!!